Building the future of Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of people

What drives us.

Our Vision

We improve the lives of patients.

We seek to expand the boundaries of what is possible in clinical practice by combining artificial intelligence and human expertise in a rigorously scientific way. Everything we do is driven by the desire to improve patient outcomes and help save lives.

Our Mission

We empower the work of physicians.

We develop pioneering devices that harness the power of effective human-AI collaboration to satisfy unmet clinical needs. We work closely with healthcare professionals and organizations to provide safe, reliable solutions that make a real impact.

Intelligent medical device development using Cosmo Pharmaceuticals proprietary video library and clinical know-how.

Cosmo Pharmaceuticals founded a division of the group focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

Partnership agreement with Medtronic.

CE certification of GI Genius™ Intelligent Endoscopy Module with polyp detection function.

European launch of GI Genius™.

Publication of first Randomized Controlled Trial of GI Genius™, demonstrating its clinical effectiveness (ADR +14.4%).

GI Genius™ approved in Australia, UAE and Israel.

CE certification of GI Genius™ with polyp detection and characterization functions.

Publication of second AID study, confirming clinical effectiveness for less experienced endoscopists.

FDA clearance and US launch.

Further publications on effectiveness of human-AI collaboration.

Further global regulatory approvals.

GI Genius™ makes Fortune’s Change the World list.

The Cosmo division focused on Artificial Intelligence is rebranded Cosmo Intelligent Medical Devices.

Launch of the Innovation Center to allow the development of third parties SaMD on GI Genius™

Cosmo Pharmaceuticals

The Cosmo group has a focus on innovative treatments for gastrointestinal diseases and dermatological conditions. Its companies develop and manufacture products with a global reach. Cosmo IMD is one of its divisions.


Specializing in device engineering, Linkverse has been a subsidiary of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals since 2018.


Founded in Minneapolis in 1949, Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology. The company signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Cosmo in 2019. Medtronic is the sole distributor, marketer, and owner of the GI Genius™ trademark.

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