We are leading the way in the use of AI to create intelligent medical devices.

While traditional medical devices help treat patients, hybrid human-AI collaboration goes further, weighing the desired output to create usable, transparent and responsible medical solutions to enhance patient care.

Driven by science

As a consequence of our roots in Cosmo Pharmaceuticals, our developers have a direct relationship with the scientific community, conducting scientific investigations as part of the development process. We engage stakeholders in the clinical space, while retaining the freedom to drive innovation independently.

Compliant by design

Because we’ve chosen to be driven by science, we are automatically prepared to provide regulatory bodies with the solid grounding in facts that they require, helping us build a relationship of mutual trust and enabling us to pioneer the process together.

Built for the future

As providers of both hardware platforms and software to run on them, we build our devices to be future-proof. They have the flexibility for further software development and the capacity for additional performance that will be required in years to come.

The AI algorithms in our devices provide meaningful output to assist the clinical decision-making process.
"We believe in open science and transparency as key to fostering innovation and trust in AI research and progress."
Andrea Cherubini, PhD

SVP Science, AI and Data, Cosmo IMD

Cosmo IMD Scientific Production

REAL-colon: the largest ever dataset of colonoscopy videos to promote the AI innovation in endoscopy

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We collaborate with academic institutions worldwide to accelerate scientific discoveries and improve healthcare outcomes.